How to prepare for running the tutorial.

This tutorial is a walkthrough guide to install everything. For this reason, we will need:

  • minikube
  • istioctl
  • helm

This tutorial was tested on:

  • Minikube v1.30.1
  • Istio v1.18.1
  • Kiali v1.70

Clusters are provided by minikube instances, but this tutorial should work on on any Kubernetes environment.

We will set up some environment variables for the following commands:


As Istio will be installed on more than one cluster and needs to communicate between clusters, we need to create certificates for the Istio installation. We will follow the Istio documentation related to certificates to achieve this:

mkdir -p certs
pushd certs

make -f $ISTIO_DIR/tools/certs/ root-ca

make -f $ISTIO_DIR/tools/certs/ $CLUSTER_EAST-cacerts
make -f $ISTIO_DIR/tools/certs/ $CLUSTER_WEST-cacerts


The result is two certificates for then use when installing Istio in the future.

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