How Kiali is displayed in mutliple languages.

Kiali is used worldwide and some users prefer to display Kiali in a language that they are more comfortable with than English. For this reason Kiali supports internationalization, and it can be localized into multiple languages.

Current supported languages are English and Chinese.

Language Selector

Kiali provides a language selector in the Masthead to be able to switch Kiali between supported languages:

Masthead language selector

By default the language selector is hidden, and English is the default language.

In order to show the language selector a feature flag must be enabled in the Kiali CR:

        language: en
        show_selector: true

You can also modify the default language shown in Kiali (values according to ISO 639-1 codes):

Chinese zh
English en

As an example, this is how Kiali displays the Overview page in Chinese:

Overview page in Chinese

If you want to collaborate with us on adding a new language or improving the translation of an existing one, please refer to the internationalization section of the kiali project’s README for UI