Travels Demo - Multicluster

Learn how to configure and use Kiali in an Istio multicluster scenario.

This tutorial will demonstrate Kiali capabilities for Istio multicluster, particulary for the primary-remote cluster model.

For more information, check our documentation for multicluster.


Observe the Travels application deployed in multiple clusters with the new capabilities of Kiali.


How to prepare for running the tutorial.

Deploy East cluster

Deploy the East cluster which will be the primary cluster

Install Istio on East cluster

Install Istio on the primary cluster

Install Kiali

Install Kiali on the primary cluster

Install Travels on East cluster

Install the Travels application just on East cluster

Deploy West cluster

Deploy the West cluster which will be the remote cluster

Install Istio on West cluster

Install Istio on the remote cluster

Configure Kiali for multicluster

In this section we will add some configuration for Kiali to start observing the remote cluster.

Install Travels on West cluster

Install new services of the Travels application in the remote cluster.

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