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General FAQ

How do I access Kiali UI?

This assumes that you have used the Getting started instructions to install Kiali.

If you are using OpenShift, installation exposes Kiali through a route. The following command should open Kiali in your default web browser:

xdg-open https://$(oc get routes -n istio-system kiali -o jsonpath='{}')/console

If you are using Kubernetes, installation exposes Kiali through an Ingress rule. Find out your Ingress IP or domain name and use it to access Kiali by visiting this URL in your web browser: https://your_ingress_ip_or_domain/kiali.

To find your Ingress IP or domain name, as per the Kubernetes documentation, try the following command (doesn’t work if using Minikube):

kubectl get ingress kiali -n istio-system -o jsonpath='{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}'

If it doesn’t work, unfortunately, it depends on how and where you had setup your cluster. There are several Ingress controllers available and some cloud providers have their own controller or preferred exposure method. Please, check the documentation of your cloud provider. You may need to customize the pre-installed Ingress rule, or to expose Kiali using a different method.

If you are using Minikube and you have enabled the Ingress controller, the following command should open Kiali in your default web browser:

xdg-open https://$(minikube ip)/kiali

In any platform, you can use port-forwarding to access Kiali. Run any of these commands:

# If you have oc command line tool
oc port-forward svc/kiali 20001:20001 -n istio-system
# If you have kubectl command line tool
kubectl port-forward svc/kiali 20001:20001 -n istio-system

These commands will block. Access Kiali by visiting https://localhost:20001/ in your preferred web browser.

What is the License?

Kiali uses the Apache License 2.0.

How can I contribute?

Contributions are highly welcome. We look forward to community feedback, additions, and bug reports.

The code repositories are hosted on GitHub. Please see our Contribution Guidelines to learn how to contribute.

In general, we use the GitHub tracker for issues raised by the community, and JIRA for issues raised by the core engineering team. Both are publicly accessible.

Kiali does not work - What do i do?

If you are hitting a problem, whether it is listed here or not, do not hesitate to use the GitHub issue tracker. You can simply vote (using emojis) for any existing bug or feature request, this will help us to understand the most demanded enhancements, or you can create a new ticket. For existing JIRA tickets, use the vote link or add a comment describing your expectation or scenario.

Does Kiali support Internet Explorer?

No version of Internet Explorer is supported with Kiali. Users may experience some issues when using Kiali through this browser.

    In order to have the best experience with Kiali you will need to update to use a supported browser.

How can I get in touch?

  • Follow our twitter account.

  • Watch our videos using youtube.

  • Chat by joining our IRC channel in freenode.

  • Post in our users and developers groups at google groups.

  • Report a bug or request a new feature using github.