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Distributed Tracing FAQ

I can't see the tracing features embedded, new tab open when browsing traces

The Distributed Tracing item in the main menu opens a new tab when Kiali and Jaeger services are deployed under the same URI scheme (HTTP/HTTPS). In order to enable the integration, make both services run either under HTTP or HTTPS. To see which is the tracing URL Kiali uses, check the about modal like the FAQ 2.

I can’t see the link to Tracing or traces tab in service details

To see Jaeger integration (both link to browse traces and traces tabs in service details) Kiali needs to know the URL where Jaeger is running under. In order for Kiali users to know which URL Kiali users, check the About menu, as it follows:

About menu
About modal

I have no Tracing URL in the about modal

Kiali didn’t find the tracing service. Kiali tries to search for the tracing service in tracing or jaeger-query. If you have another name for this service you must set the values in the yaml configuration when installed with Kiali Operator

# **Tracing-specific settings:
#  - Right now we only support Jaeger
# namespace: The Kubernetes namespace that holds the Tracing service (if empty, assumes the same value as deployment.namespace)
# service: The Kubernetes service name for tracing. Kiali uses this to connect within the cluster to Jaeger.
# url: The URL that Kiali uses when integrating with Tracing. This URL must be accessible to clients external to
#      the cluster in order for the integration to work properly. If empty, an attempt to auto-discover it is made.
#    ---
#    tracing:
#      namespace: ""
#      service : ""
#      url: ""

I see an error message in embedded feature "might be temporarily down ..."

If you are working in a development environment, you can see an error as the image below.

Certificate Error

This is because your certificate is not valid, so you need to accept the certificate, open the tracing service in a new tab and accept it, after that you need to refresh the Kiali website.

I see the following informative message: "Could not fetch Jaeger info. Turning off Jaeger integration"

Jaeger Integration Disabled

Although Kiali discovered the Jaeger URL the signed up user doesn’t have access to the Jaeger query endpoint. Accessing to the discovered URL (shown in the "About" modal) shouldn’t be working. Once the endpoint will be accessible by the signed up user, the Jaeger integration will be enabled in Kiali.

I see the following informative message: "certificate signed by unknown authority"

Unstrusted certificate

In order to Kiali enable Jaeger integration, Kiali needs to check the availability of the discovered URL. If that URL uses TLS and the certificate is signed by an untrusted authority, then Kiali can’t establish connection with it for security purposes. However there is a workaround for that. Kiali can be configured to skip the authority verification through the flag: insecure_skip_verify. Change its value to true in the Kiali CR.